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Winter Solstice Singing Journey Retreat

Sounding & Listening Within
Dec 14 - 17, 2017
New York, NY

“AUM heard in silence informs all things” - Joseph Campbell

  • Rubin Museum’s The World Is Sound: the OM Collective & Pauline Oliveros’ Listening Deeply

  • Pt. Krishna Bhatt sitar legend

  • Ruth Cunningham of Anonymous 4

  • Max Neuhaus’ Times Square sound installation

  • Paul Winter Consort in NY’s 38th Winter Solstice Celebration at the Cathedral of St John the Divine

Winter Solstice, entering Winter Light, draws us inward if we accept her invitation.  This Retreat centers on the power of OM, the Cosmic Drone, active Listening, and Silence. Join me in exploring the rich sacred world sounds offered in the epicenter of our planet - New York City.

All ears and voices welcome!

*special hotel group rate at NY’s Walker Hotel Greenwich Village available

To Register contact Alicia Fancini: alicia@virginiaschenck.com



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