V-A Virginia Schenck — Vocal Artist — Atlanta

Jazz vocalist and improvisation artist

SoulSong Circles

A circle is a group of people bound by a common tie.
A song is an outpouring of emotion, channeled through and contained by the human body.
In these workshops, healing and profound learning take place in an atmosphere of play.

In SoulSong Circles, a group leader invites the originality of all participants in a spontaneously composed choral piece, vocal exploration, and song. Through music, these workshops create a shared experience of concentration, empathy, creativity, and transformation. The circle offers structure and support so each individual can contribute a unique voice and perspective.

Anyone can participate in SoulSong Circle workshops and all are welcome. The flexible structure allows for participation at all levels of functioning. Skilled, empathetic, and spontaneous, the facilitator designs exercises to include each member of the circle, and serve their diverse needs.

SoulSong Circles encourage:

  • self-esteem
  • emotional expression
  • body consciousness
  • awareness of the needs of others
  • trust
  • group cohesion
  • listening and communication skills

SoulSong Circle Workshops and Classes: or the choral sound of your dreams. Enter in to new group sounds created on the spot by the leader, and learn to create your own. Workshops or classes may be used for pure musical learning or as a self-growth tool.

SoulSong Circles for Community Events: the communal feel of group singing is unparalleled when it reflects your event, being created on the spot. Participants’ thoughts and ideas are encouraged in developing a composition specifically designed for the occasion.

SoulSong Circles in Music Therapy: Creating music together in the moment, participants can replace negative social and interpersonal habits with positive, immediate experiences of empathy, achievement, and fun. Participants look forward to sessions. Benefits extend beyond the parameters of the workshops and into daily life; awareness of the external and the internal world is heightened, creativity is sparked, and relationships are deepened. Virginia is available to work directly with your clients or to teach techniques to your professional staff.

*CircleSongs, the improvisatory polyphonic choral compositional style was created by vocal innovator Bobby McFerrin to harness the individuality, spirit, and community of his touring ensemble, Voicestra. Virginia incorporates this and other improvisatory techniques from her studies with Rhiannon and Lisa Sokolov into her own approach.


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