V-A Virginia Schenck — Vocal Artist — Atlanta

Jazz vocalist and improvisation artist

Workshop Comments

“Virginia approaches music as she does most things in her life, with complete devotion, intelligence and vigor. Her maturity and compassion are evident in her singing and teaching. Virginia is committed to growing her heartfelt, jazz influenced vocals at the same time as she happily shares her knowledge about the healing that is evident when song is sung into a circle of singers, into the air all around us.”
— Rhiannon

“What she does with vocal improvisation is original and unique. The techniques are groundbreaking.”
—Dr. Jerry Ulrich, Director of Choral Activities, Georgia Tech University

“Her voice is flexible and full or surprises, moving easily and delightfully from deep and grounded contralto, to ethereal and mystical soprano tones. She is equally flexible in repertoire, with ease in jazz, classical, folk music, and improvisation. I would travel far and wide for a Virginia Schenck concert.”
—Elise Witt, singer-songwriter, Atlanta

“I’ve watched Virginia grow into a special voice in our community of musicians. She’s studied with the vocal masters — Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon — and taken their lessons to heart. Her workshops are an amazing experience. Discover your inner voice and sing loud!”
— Scott Freeman , author of Midnight Riders: The Story of the Allman Brothers Band and Otis! The Otis Redding Story.

“I loved your session personally and professionally. You are a great model for losing yourself in the music, something I keep having to give myself permission to model for my clients.”
—Becky Engen, PhD, MT-BC, Associate Professor & Director of Music Therapy, Queens University Of Charlotte

Student Comments

“The song circle CMTE was amazing in particular because Virginia clearly cares about making sure her students get a full experience. She was generous with her time, expertise and support.”
— Lisa, Music Therapist

“Thank you for an amazingly wonderful session. It was the highlight of conference for me. You are so good at what you do!”
- Kathy Jo Gutsell, MT-BC music therapist, Cleveland, OH

“The first night I didn’t know what to expect. I loved it – the energy, freedom, playfulness were so grounding, healing, radiant. I look forward to every week.”
— Priscilla T.

“I’ve learned to lose my inhibitions which is difficult for me. I need more of this, and perhaps I’ve made a step forward toward achieving better self-confidence.”
— Katherine W.

“This class has been a catalyst for finding new and old ways of looking at the musical creative process. It has reduced complex theories and ideas to energizing fun!!”
— Nick R.

“Very fun to trust instincts and let natural musicality out in front of others – affirmation of what I’d thought when singing along with radio or CD’s.”
— Nat M.

“Spontaneity, camaraderie, humor, self-conscious-less, joyful noise.”
— Elizabeth N.

“In releasing and sharing her creativity, Virginia has developed a very safe space for me to explore my own creativity in music and movement. I have always been musical and know all sorts of theory but in our sessions Virginia has allowed me to play with sounds and movement with a freedom I have never experienced before. Of course, this carries over into the rest of my life — fun and joy — to the max! We all need more places where there are NO wrong answers or ways!”
— Mary M. W.

“It’s wonderful to do this thing (improv) where there is no right/wrong and the only ‘rules’ are in the music. Freedom to explore through music is a real gift. The sound is astonishingly good, and you are an excellent teacher, leading by example and having fun.”
— Mary L.

“Class is energizing and freeing! To improvise in the group, I must put myself ‘out there’ and forget myself at the same time. I must turn off my thinking, planning self and be spontaneous and trust.”
— Libby C.


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