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“Atlanta’s Jazz Sweetheart”
    —City Winery Atlanta

“A powerful quintet that can find unfathomed spaces!”
     —Bob Townsend, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"I was not familiar with Virginia the Vocalist, But I Am Now! I am quite familiar with Virginia the piano player as we played together in Jaimoe’s Air Force Workshop Band.  The only piano player I knew to sit and play “Tell Me a Bedtime Story” at first sight and sitting in.  Sing Girl!"
     —Jaimoe, drummer, founding member of the legendary Allman Brothers Band

“Virginia is committed to growing her heartfelt, jazz influenced vocals at the same time as she happily shares her knowledge about the healing that is evident when song is sung into a circle of singers, into the air, all around us.”

"Not to be missed!  Her voice has presence and wonderment!  Simply a jewel in the play of the fantastic!”

     — Silvia Nakkach, Grammy-nominated voice-culturist & author Free Your Voice

“There are hundreds of jazz standard singers but very few add the spiciness of tribal, the elegance of complete sophisticated good taste in applying shamanic energie!”
     —Katia Leonardo, jazz and Fado vocalist, Portugal

“Virginia’s voice and what she does includes the beauty of Celtic women singers and the intensity of the Middle East.”
     —Marcus Borg, religious philosopher/author The Heart of Christianity

“At the beginning of THE GIFT, the piece Virginia and I collaborated on in Seattle, the piece opened with her performing the opening verses of “Balm in Gilead.”  I don’t mean to overstate it, but it was unlike any musical moment I’ve ever experienced…the audience, who not seconds before had been shuffling papers and impatiently shifting in their seats, went stock still, rigid with focus and awe.  It was if the air didn’t move.  She has the most unconventional sway over an audience; a mix of superb technique, expert artistry and natural-born talent, sure, but also an accessible authenticity you simply don’t find in a lot of modern musicians.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t respond to Virginia’s gorgeous, tempered, earthy voice.  It cuts into your heart and mind like a scalpel.  She is the very definition of excellence.”
     —Gabriel Shanks, Obie Award-winning stage director, Executive Director/The Drama League of New York

“What she does with vocal improvisation is original and unique. The techniques are groundbreaking.”
     —Dr. Jerry Ulrich, Director of Choral Activities, Georgia Tech University

“Subtly alluring; her soulful energy is infectious.”
     —Emile Hassan Dyer, Dance of the Voice, Los Angeles

“Speaker of tongues”

“She brings new music to the world.”
     —Benoit Glazer, Timucua White House, Music Director Cirque du Soleil Orlando

“Style, smooth, classy, beautiful!”
     —Tamara Albrecht, Music Faculty, Emory University

“I’ve watched Virginia grow into a special voice in our community of musicians. She’s studied with the vocal masters — Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon — and taken their lessons to heart. Her workshops are an amazing experience. Discover your inner voice and sing loud!”
     — Scott Freeman , author of Midnight Riders: The Story of the Allman Brothers Band and Otis! The Otis Redding Story


“Aminata Moseka is a remarkable album, owing especially to the cohesiveness of the unit. The playful ensemble is committed to the music and to one another… Schenck’s uniqueness is immediately apparent and it’s great to hear original reiterations of these songs… This is an inspired project.”
    —Anders Griffen, NYC Jazz Record

"grinning madwoman vodun, a schoolroom sorceress”
    —Mark S. Tucker, Veritas Vampirus

“The closing track, “Wholly Earth,” comes hot out of the gate with an up-tempo, pointillistic beat, and the singer tames it by flexibly adjusting her delivery to complement the spirit and timbre of her backing musicians. “Bird Alone,” a brisk, reserved tune with an adamant pulse also benefits from the singer’s elasticity and textural range.”
    —Asher Wolf, Jazziz Magazine

“Virginia Schenck does an impressive job on this album… a well-deserved visit to an underappreciated icon.”
    —George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"Schenck is a captivating singer who knows and understands the allure of drama. She sings as if her life depends upon it, making each song akin to a one-act play."
    —Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly Rant 'N' Roll

“…spectacular performance.”
    —Raul daGama, Jazz daGama

“all of the emotions that typify Lincoln performances: rage, blues and warmth”
    —D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter

"Ms. Schenck should be commended for her inspired tribute of appreciation for the work of Ms. Lincoln...the poetry of this music offers a positive message in a time when positivity is sorely needed, and Ms. Schenck's fearless portrayal is a refreshing reminder we should all remember to not take ourselves too seriously.”
    —Ralph A. Miriello, Notes On Jazz

“Her simplistic approach on “Another World” catches the beauty of the original and her flowing vocal inflections, backed by a sparse, highly imaginative arrangement, shine through.”
    —Matthias Kirsch, Gina Loves Jazz

“Clever arrangements and Schenck’s own way into a song lend themselves in a very engaging way… A really solid production from Schenck.”
      —D. Glenn Daniels, The Jazz Page

 “Fascinating singer… a stellar performance from Virginia!”
     —Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

 “Virginia makes her own mark on Lincoln’s material as she ranges over a wide stylistic palette… this is a singer who is very well worth hearing.”
     —Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

"Replete with the soul and nuance necessary to successfully interpret Ms. Moseka's undersung compositions, and the kind of arresting originality the composer would surely appreciate. Let this fine collection in your life."
     —Reuben Jackson, Friday Night Jazz, Vermont Public Radio

"VA does it again. She is absolutely  fearless--Abbey no less, and her way, which is not much like anyone else's. Her band "gets"  both her and Abbey and they work as a unit. VA is out there in a way that makes me want to join her." 
     —Donald Seybold, WBAA  Inside Jazz, Purdue University

"The new release by Virginia Schenck upholding the legacy of Aminata Moseka (Abbey Lincoln) enriches the legacy of this timeless vocalist." 
     —Jay Edwards, JazzTones, WCLK 91.9 FM Atlanta

"Virginia’s tribute to Abbey is exceptional.  Many singers have covered her songs, but Aminata Moseka really digs deep."
     —Rob Hoff, JazzFlight WQLN Erie, PA

“This is important work, not just for introducing us to the vocalist, but for reintroducing the world to the unforgettable compositions and the exceptional composing talents of Abbey Lincoln. Thank you for that, Virginia Schenck.”
     —Dee Dee McNeil, Musical Memoirs

“Schenck’s soul connects to Lincoln’s lyrics and a real mind blower arrives fully formed.”
     —Chris Spector, Midwest Record


“seasoned soulful unit…connects on what seems like a personal and spiritual level!
    —JAZZIZ magazine, Spring 2016

"Virginia has an exotic air that flows gently through this set. The songs are all covers but Schenck makes them her own with unique arrangements. She is backed by her core trio including Rodney Jordan (b), Marlon Patton (d) and Kevin Bales (p). Kino Boto Ayah (d, perc) and Kevin Spears (Kalimba, bkrd vocals, perc) impart more of the African beats that further enhance the character of the set. The band cooks and the vocals are spot on. Just sit back and enjoy the scintillating performance.”
     —D. Oscar  Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter

"A really interesting, original album.”
     —Dr. Brad Stone, soulandjazz.com, JazzWeek Bobby Jackson Award Winner (Jazz Programmer of the Year)

“Schenck's work distinctively does not follow any truly prescribed path…yet feels immediately familiar, intimate, as though you've known it since birth.”
     —Mark S. Tucker, FAME

     —Bruno Pollacci, ANIMAJAZZ

“Now *that* is art!”
     —Michael Coyle, “Slim & Him”, WRCU 90.1 FM Colgate University

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Interior Notions!”
     —Jon Norton, WGLT Music Director, Illinois State University

“The more left of center you like it, the more you’ll dig this.”
     —Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“a bold and arresting cd”
     —H. William Stine, Turntable for One

“The interplay is luminous.”
     —Don Seybold - “Inside Jazz”, WBAA -920AM, Purdue University



     —Sheila Jordan, 2012 NEA Jazz Master

“…a beautiful collection of songs…sung with emotion, full of intelligent solos and creative arrangements.”
     —Wayne Wallace, 5-time Grammy Award nominated trombonist/composer/arranger/producer, Patois Records

“I was not familiar with Virginia the singer, but I am now!… Sing Girl!”
     —Jaimoe, drummer/founding member of legendary Allman Brothers Band

“Quite a remarkable CD. Great variations and really love Virginia’s vocal skills!”
     —Joost van Steen, Producer Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM 105.4, the Netherlands

“Virginia Schenck is just great! The group behind her is awesome! Kevin Bales on piano is exceptional. This CD was a real surprise for me. This music will be part of my playlists for many months to come!”
     —Peter Kuller, “Jazz from Down Under”, Radio Adelaide online and 101.5 FM Australia

“Superb voice for jazz, with a natural easy swing. The band is impeccable, attentive to Virginia’s singing. Marvelous!”
     —Serge Warin, Radio Canal Bleu, 19130 OBJAT, France

“Love Virginia Schenck. Great sound. It’s in our rotation, all cuts.”
     —Doug Gruber, Northeast Indiana Public Radio, WBOI-FM

“What a beautiful, strong, clear voice and thoughtful sense of melody to go with them. Wow!”
     —Bill Stine, Turntable for One, CT

“Virginia has a powerful, disciplined voice…and some good backup. There’s not a bad cut on the album…Very cool, unique arrangements.”
     —Dan Bayer, WKAR, Michigan State

“…she’s hip and it’s on automatic pilot.”
     —George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon, www.jsojazzscene.org

“We’re liking the creativity we hear from this Atlanta based vocalist!”
     —Jon Norton, WGLT Music Director, Illinois State University

“Sassy and classy”
     —Don Seybold, WBAA, Purdue University



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