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Jazz vocalist and improvisation artist



No leaning back as far as the 1st track goes because Virginia rushes in vocally to get your attention and tells you that you need to stay focused “Long As You're Living". It starts in a nice up-tempo but the variations also show the instrumental skills of the band members.

The CD is filled with tracks in great variations in tempo, which is already pointed out with track 2 "Compromise" which you as a listener do not have to do, just enjoy the whole CD!  Running along the tracks it gets even more easy to listen to and one must simply "lean back and enjoy" the complete contents.

There is the beautiful "Song Of Bernadette" with the great piano-support of Kevin Bales and "Wee Small Hours" contains great drums-support by Marlon Patton and subtle bass-part of Rodney Jordan.  But hey then there is “Do Something” where the up-tempo is back again and the complete instrumental skills are proven again.

After that Track #8 tells you what it’s all about;  "Learning How to Listen" which starts quite easy but has a very strong ending, followed by "When I Fall in Love" with the beautiful trumpet play by Melvin Jones and a great arrangement of this  "evergreen" in Jazz. 

A wonderful performance is put on the CD with "Round Midnight" where the remembrance of this great title and what belongs to it is pointed out perfectly.

The title of Track #11, and last track of the CD, tells it all but starts very, very quiet accompanied by the drums. The vocals tell it all and points out that "The Music is The Magic". It ends as quiet as it started and we then know that this CD is "The Magic in Music".  An asset to your CD-collection!

— Joost van Steen, Host/Producer Jazz & Blues Tour with ASFM105.4 in The Netherlands






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